Our People

Central to who we are and what we can do for you is our people. What follows are the photos and short biographies of the best, most professional sales force in the region. After you read the biographies of these rakishly handsome veterans of the building industry, we invite you to decide who among them meets your needs best and then give him a call or email.

Our sales reps will take it from there, starting with a call back to set up a meeting with you at your job site or wherever you choose. That’s right, our sales rep comes to you on your schedule.

Bob Reaske

Bob is one of our plank owners, meaning he has been with Evergreen from day one, and after decades in the business, he is a consummate expert at what he does. The highlight of his day is completing those challenging projects sent his way.

From early in his life it was evident that building was in his blood, from erector sets to projects with his Dad, he loved it all. Nowadays he enjoys everything outdoors including boating, camping, and of course a good BBQ.

Austin Begani

Austin began working at Evergreen while still attending Deer Park High School. As he neared graduation he was promoted to junior designer and started learning how to connect with customers. Now he’s working in sales and is realizing how much he enjoys working with people to accomplish their goals.

Austin grew up playing with Lego and still loves knowing how a home is put together. Newly married and starting a family, Austin enjoys playing horseshoes with the family.

Tim Henry

Tim has spent decades of his life using and selling the cabinetry that Evergreen Truss brings to market. In those 20+ years as a professional builder he faced every question and problem imaginable and is incredibly knowledgeable about our structural components and cabinetry. Tim knows your cabinets inside and out.

He grew up with dairy-farming parents and loved getting a new toy, taking it apart, and putting it back together again bigger, stronger, and faster. Now Tim is a Marine veteran who likes taking his daughters out to ride four-wheelers and snowmobiles together. When he goes hiking, his favorite trail is the one that takes him someplace new with fresh views and new sights.

Doug Casteel

Doug is the right guy to partner with on your project since he’s done nearly every job at Evergreen, loves working with people, and will work to make your project go smoothly. When Doug talks design you know he’s intimately familiar with every step of the process and will use his decades of experience to help you meet your goals.

Fall is Doug’s favorite season, but no matter the weather he loves spending time outside with his wife and family. When indoors he enjoys action movies and 80’s horror films.

Wilson Henderson

Wilson makes Evergreen more efficient and better at serving you everyday. One of his passions in life is figuring out a better way to accomplish a task and helping others find the best way of completing a project on-time and as ordered. If you’ve got a difficult project you’ll want Wilson on your side – he thrives on rising to the challenge.

As a kid Wilson spent a lot of time climbing trees, but he finds his love for Lego to come in most useful while on the job. To Wilson, truss design is just really intricate Lego fun with more math. Now Wilson loves hiking and recommends Mount Rainier for its beautiful views and great hikes.

Mike Culp

Mike is the king of the behind-the-scenes work at Evergreen Truss and enables communication between contractors, sales personnel, and the rest of the crew. He is often accomplishing the tasks that no one else sees or knows about and keeps the company running smoothly. A man with a big heart, he embodies all the qualities which make Evergreen the success that it is.

Mike grew up on Lincoln Logs and Lego and now enjoys four-wheeling with his family and fishing on the Pend Oreille River.

Dan Murphy

Dan began working for Evergreen Truss while attending Deer Park High School and is now the Production Supervisor. After working in every position, except truck driver, his knowledge and experience ensures your truss system is delivered on time and in great shape.

Dan enjoys woodworking, fishing in local lakes, and playing with his grandkids.