Cabinets & Building Materials

During our many years in this business we’ve learned many good lessons.

One of the most surprising is that for everyone from the DIYers to the seasoned pros, kitchen and bath cabinet decisions are often the most emotional aspect of a remodel or construction project.

We’ve seen otherwise blissfully wedded couples get into heated “discussions” concerning the door style and color of their new cabinets. We’ve seen old pros spend minutes on their material package, then hours on their cabinet selections.

We have also learned that the cabinet design process is similar in many respects to designing structural components.  Both require the full attention of experienced designers using top notch design software.  Only then can optimal results be expected.

Lumber & General Building Materials

Evergreen Truss is not a full spectrum lumber yard for Deer Park, Clayton, Chattaroy, or Spokane.

Never has been and has no aspirations of becoming one. We prefer to refer our customers to lumber yards we know will provide good quality materials at fair, honest prices while we are focusing our attention on designing and building the structural components required for the project.

However, if you want us to we’ll be happy to get you everything you need and we’ll do so at our competitive prices.