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When you sit down and sketch out the details of your future home or business with us, you won’t be able to help feeling the trust building. After all, building truss is what we do!

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Ahead of you are
the photographs and bios
of the absolute best,
most experienced outside sales professionals this industry has to offer.

We also want you to meet
our inside sales staff who specialize
in floor designs, cabinets,
and building materials.

After you browse,
decide who you want to help you,
send him an e-mail
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and he will take it from there.

Truss Systems & Engineered Wood

The truss system is often
the only truly custom designed, engineered, and fabricated structural
component of a house
or light commercial building.

But oh, what nifty things
the truss industry
has brought to the party!

Architects now have far greater flexibility
in what roof styles they can design.

If the architect can draw it,
we can engineer & build it.

Cabinets & Building Materials

It may surprise you, but choosing cabinets causes more conflict
than almost any other aspect 
of the building process.

We have also learned
that the cabinet design process
is similar in many respects to designing structural components since both
require the full attention
of experienced designers
using top-notch design software.